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Interclassique was born of the desire to create extraordinary experiences through the excellence of classical music.  We are passionate about capturing that intangible element in music that elevates and transcends, presenting it in a context that makes it relevant to today’s world and its needs. 


We offer comprehensive consultancy services aimed at supporting festivals, concert halls, foundations, as well as corporate interests, private patrons, and cultural institutions at the government, regional, or city level.  ​


With a strong background in both the creative and business sides, our team is fully committed to delivering unique experiences that leave a mark.  We are equally comfortable in conceiving projects from their inception, as well as developing and executing your own concept.  We draw from a rich network of relationships with leading artists, the international press, and prestigious cultural institutions. We also possess the knowledge at the global and local levels in order to successfully manage all aspects of our productions, including artists and repertoire, contracting and royalties, event insurance, marketing, press relations, audience development, VIP protocol and guest relations, audio and video recording, pre- and post-concert events, and all other detail-oriented aspects.

Music Relevant

to Today

Our concepts go beyond music for music’s sake.  We pride ourselves in our ability to bring to life multilayered concepts that help enhance music’s relevance to today’s world. Interdisciplinary projects are a specialty that we take great pleasure in developing.  Bridging music with history, the visual arts, architecture, science, the environmental cause, and various spiritual traditions, are all areas that we have  explored and continue to pursue.  We have created individual events, entire concert series, or concert tours around many of these themes.



We are sensitive to the particular needs of corporate sponsors.  Thanks to our firm commitment to excellence, we believe that we can act as a valuable vehicle for corporate partners to accomplish their communication goals.  With access to exclusive and rarely-seen venues, we enjoy finding original solutions in order to help a company get across its most sophisticated messages in a subtle and graceful manner. We aim to find the ideal project to serve our partners’ larger marketing strategies, and support their efforts in branding, networking/business development, corporate entertainment, and overall image management.

Government and 

Public Collaborations

We take great pride in collaborating with institutional partners in the creation, development, and promotion of cultural initiatives.  We feel confident in our ability to support their Cultural Diplomacy efforts. We welcome the complex and delicate challenges surrounding city branding, region branding, and nation branding.

Creative Resources 

and Expertise

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