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Gian Francesco MALIPIERO

Sinfonia n. 1 "In quattro tempi,

come le quattro stagioni" (1933)


Toccata per pianoforte

e orchestra, P. 156 (1928)


Concerto per orchestra,

Op. 61 (1937)


Pulcinella Suite (1920)

Neoclassicism at the Cini Foundation
Concert, International Symposium, Documentary

The Cini Foundation is one of the leading cultural institutions in Italy. Located in the heart of Venice on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, the foundation houses an impressive collection of musical manuscripts dating from the Middle Ages to today.  Several of the scores remain unpublished and exist only in the Foundation’s archives. An important part of the collection is dedicated to composers from the twentieth century, with the world’s largest collection of Italian composers from 1890 until the present day.  Neoclassicism in Italy represents a significant segment of the works housed in the foundation.


The "Neoclassicism at the Cini Foundation" project brings to life a representative selection of these compositions for symphony orchestra by Italian composers of the 1920's and 30's. One of world’s leading orchestras will be invited to the foundation’s grounds for a short residency in order to record and perform works by Gian Francesco Malipiero, Alfredo Casella, and Ottorino Respighi. In addition, the parallel European Neoclassical current will be represented by the towering figure of Igor Stravinsky.  An international symposium will be also be organized in order to promote the important scholarly work of the Cini Foundation.  A repeat performance of the Venice concert at the orchestra’s hometown will follow shortly after the Venice residency.  The rehearsals and concerts will be filmed by documentary filmmaker Giovanni Pellegrini, recognized for his work on Venice, the Gran Teatro la Fenice, and contemporary music, in his award-winning documentary “Acquagranda in Crescendo”.

Neoclassicism at the Cini Foundation

Neoclassicism at the Cini Foundation

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